In this article, I’ll go through a simple first-time 1 000 usd investment in crypto, and I’ll look at specific cryptos to invest in. Then go through the breakdowns and why each crypto takes up a certain percentage of the overall investment.

I can’t give you financial advice so this is just what i would look to do and hopefully this can help you as a reference.


Before we get started, I want to outline some assumptions for this article. First, I’m assuming you want to invest a thousand dollars for the long term. And not trade it too much or try to earn daily income with day trading.

Day trading really is a completely different scenario. And this article is focusing on setting up a crypto investment portfolio for your first thousand dollars.

I don’t know your personal circumstances, and I…

Over recent weeks Bitcoin and all coins have fallen off 50–60%, sometimes even more than that from their highest. It seems a complete contradiction to the almost unbelievable amount and rate of adoption of blockchain technology. İncluding from some of the biggest CEO’s in the tech space and names in the growth investing space.

Ethereum ($2,302.91)

Ethereum has so so long to go as an altcoin still. But, yes, it is the largest. We recently saw that US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen actually was discussing stable coins with regulators. …

For some time now, the question on Cardano enthusiasts has been will ADA ever reach 10 dollars. What does the future hold for the world’s first peer-reviewed crypto altcoin anyway? Several analysts have concluded that it is very possible to see Cardano reach 5 dollars and even hit the 20 dollar price level before 2025 wraps up.

Before making any choice suggest that you do your own research and consider all factors again. Please note that I am financial advisors; this article is only for educational use if you want to invest in Cardano.

The interesting thing here is that…

While most blockchains are designed as a platform for developers to build on top of Cosmos, they aim to allow developers to build their own blockchains. And instead, be a part of an internet of blockchain.

Note: This article is not financial advice.

While most are panicking about the state of their portfolios, currently, I’m using this opportunity to research and look into solid crypto picks. That I can either ride into the next bull run or that I can accumulate over the next few years and wait out this bear market. …

Today I want to introduce you to my newest position, Axie infinity. İt’s a name you’ve probably heard of, but I want to share with you my investment thesis on it. İ see something that I’ve had my eyes on far before the token was actually released.

By the end of this article, you will realise is that Axie Infinity has an incredibly good token design, that it’s not your typical NFT marketplace and that it’s more than just a game in the eyes of its players.

Why you should own at least one Ethereum token. After this article, you will learn well-researched reasons why you should add at least 1 Ethereum to your investment portfolio.

Quick Overview

There is so much going on in the Ethereum universe right now. Including twitter’s activities with Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens. NFTS and JP Morgan CEO’s vote of confidence.


After this article, you will learn brilliant reasons why you should own at least 1000 Cardano tokens.

About Cardano

Now, if you are an investor or crypto enthusiast and have not been taking Cardano ADA seriously, you should reconsider that. Cardano is the fifth-largest cryptocurrency globally and has some really interesting factors to its favour in terms of shortened long-term market performance.

Developed through evidence-based methods, this proof-of-stake blockchain platform has emerged as the very first to be established on peer-reviewed research. Taking a closer look at this crypto, it has the techs and tools to remain innovative and reliable in the long run.

Even if you are familiar with Cardano and ADA, its native token but do not…

After this article, you will learn well-researched reasons why you should own at least 100 Chainlink tokens also referred to as LINK its native token.

Chainlink has been won sizzling crypto for some time now. In May 2021, link/usd skyrocketed as high as 208 per cent. From 11.27 at December’s end to about 37 on May the 17th, 2021. this is rather interesting because LINK came immensely off its bullish high of 52.20 on May the 9th, 2021.

Chainlink’s journey is simple yet impactful. It offers the missing LINK between the blockchain world and the outside world through the creation of decentralized oracle networks.

As we move into the second half of 2021, what are the best high-quality staking coins to invest in going forward?


Solana has risen steadily over the past few months. To become one of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. Currently at number 13. Solana is known for two things, and that is a speedy blockchain and also a low-cost blockchain.

Transactions can be completed in just a few seconds at a fraction of the cost of something like Ethereum right now.

Cardano is a dead duck right now? but Cardano is ready to go because Alonzo Era is here. This means smart contracts, Defi transactions and dApps are about to brighten its road.

That’s why we see, even during these very tumultuous times, the price of ADA staying strong. Currently around 1.35 usd with big fundamental support for the price from buyers.

Firstly before we go over all the different types of projects that are launching and massive milestones for Cardano.

Frederick Irwin

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